Wedding Photography Packages

GREER INEZ pricing kit-24
GREER INEZ pricing kit-24

I am very passionate about photographing weddings! I give my clients my all, so I only accept a limited amount per year. Contact me to see if I am available on your special date. I will temporarily hold that date for you while you choose your package + send me your nonrefundable deposit. 

Scroll through + check out my packages. If you’d like to add anything from the A LA CARTE menu, you will receive 20% off those services upon booking. I have no doubt, we can create the perfect package that fits your needs for documenting your celebrations.

The engagement period is such a romantic + unique time in your relationship. You have just decided to spend the rest of your life as partners, side by side! The engagement shoot is a beautiful way to celebrate this sweet time together, without all the wedding day jitters! It is also the perfect way for us to get to know each other, and for you to get comfortable with being photographed before your wedding day [think of it as a super fun mock-shoot so you can get comfortable for the big debut on your wedding day. hehe.] Choose a special place to celebrate your love + I’ll simply fade into the background + capture your bliss!

When choosing a location + inspiration for your engagement shoot, think creatively + celebratory! I can follow you around the cute town of Taos, New Mexico while you celebrate at all your favorite spots! I can meet you at sunrise for a hot chocolate date on the dock + a snuggle session in a roaw-boat at your family lakehouse. You could take a romantic walk through your favorite vineyard at sunset. I can meet you on the slopes of Keystone, Colorado while you catch a smooch with the amazing Rocky Mountains as your backdrop. I also love the simplicity of shooting couples at home. It brings another level of intimacy into the images. Since I shoot half of each session in film, I always prefer some of the shoot to be done outdoors. Ideally, during that magic hour at sunrise or right at sunset! 

When choosing outfits + props, also think creatively + celebratory + colorful.  Bright + Bold Colors photograph well! Don’t be afraid to ask for styling + location advice. Free of charge- every client has access to my stylist if you want further help on what to wear + what looks good together. Two outfits/looks is typical per photo session. A lot of my clients share their vision with me via a private Pinterest folder.

Bad weather on the day of your engagement shoot?? No worries! Either keep your original date + add some fun props to your rainy-day-shoot like rain boots + an umbrella. I pride myself in shooting with an organic style, so weather is another element I love to catch! It will only make your session more unique + romantic! You may also simply reschedule if you’d like.

Do I travel?! If you haven’t already gathered an enthusiastic yes from looking at my site, Yes I do travel! Often! If I am not already coming to your town within your desired date, you can simply pay a travel fee + I will meet you anywhere you’d like. I also have clients gather a group of people desiring a GREER INEZ photo session with whom to split the travel fee. Then they schedule back-to-back shoots with me over 3-4 days + split my travel fee between the group.

Considering a boudoir session for your wedding gift?? Of course, I say do it! We are only promised to get older. While I love nothing more than the stories told by the wrinkles on an old man’s face, youth is such a beautiful + sexy thing to document! 2014 is the year to be brave! And I’ve never had a client regret doing a boudoir shoot.

Benefits of doing first glance (bride + groom seeing each other before the ceremony). I understand the tradition of not seeing your bride/groom before you exchange vows, but as a photographer I beg you to consider this option! You’ve invested your hard-earned money on the perfect photographer to capture your bliss on this special day, so make sure everything is documented just as you desire. The lighting is best before if the ceremony is scheduled for post-sunset. The first glance allows the couple to have a private moment in the best light of the day to exchange hugs + words before they say their vows in front of all of their guests. And who better to calm your nerves on this exciting day, than the person with whom you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life! This is such a sweet moment for the couple, and these images typically end up being my favorite from the day!

Of course, I do full bridal sessions, but I also offer mini-bridal sessions the day of your wedding. This is so you don’t have to get all done up twice (& spend twice the money on a bouquet + hair + makeup…). With a mini bridal session, I will schedule in an extra 45 minutes with only you on the day of your wedding. Typically right after you get finished getting ready, and before you see your groom (if you are doing the first glance).

The day-after shoot is kind of new to the wedding photography industry. I have photographed many brunches where the family + close friends gather for a celebratory meal the day after the wedding, but a shoot with just the bride + groom the next day is a fun option to consider. The day-after session is perfect for the couple that was unable to get with me for an engagement session [a day-after shoot can be swapped for the engagement shoot in the platinum + double platinum package or can be added to any package]. Just like an engagement session, I encourage you to think creatively. If you are getting married on the coast, we can go down to the beach for a picnic for two, loaded with beautiful food packaged in a vintage picnic-basket where you two can privately celebrate your love as a newly married couple.

As for my editing process, I do minor edits in photoshop. I have a commitment to keeping my photography as organic as possible. I pride myself in my ability to capture the most attractive angles + lighting + composition right out of my camera with little edits needed. Therefore, I want my clients to be aware that I will not be shaving 20 pounds off of anyone or opening anyone’s eyes. I think you are beautiful just the way I capture you through my lens. I do not give clients original files, under any circumstance. I shoot in RAW, and the files are not even readable in their original format on most computers.

WANT YOUR WEDDING EDITS WITHIN TWO WEEKS?!?! now offering a [$300] rush option on wedding edits. very rare for a photographer to get wedding photos back to you before 8 weeks, so I’m so excited to offer this to my sweet clients.

Looking for inspiration for your vision?!? Feel free to check out my faves from 2013 or my photography board on Pinterest.

*note- I am now carrying gorgeous personalized wooden photo albums to go with the rest of my eco-friendly packaging [posted on my packaging page].